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 Welcome to Pender County Fine Arts

Common Core and Essential Standards Workspace!


Professional Development Training 2012-2013




April 22 @ Trask  

8:30- 4:30

E is for Evaluation!

Focus on: using the NCEES as a tool for growth and reflection.






This Years Focus:



Professional Development:  (County Mandatory)

         August 24 @ Convocation                               C is for curriculum, content and change!

         September 28 @ Trask (full day)                     H is for "How do we teach it?" 

         October 19 @ Trask (full day)                          A is for assessment!   

         November 6 @ Trask (full day)                        N is for new techniques & technologies.

         February 18 @ Trask (full day)                         G is for growth- how to use RTI.

         April 22 @ Trask (full day)                               E is for evaluation- you and the NCEES!


Fine Arts Meetings: (County Mandatory)

         October 30 @ Trask (4-5 pm)

         January 8 @ Trask (4-5 pm)

         April 16 @ Trask (4-5 pm) 


View the binder below to get started using the wiki!  Text is on the left, a 'live' page is on the right.






Learn to Love the Change!


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